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Your home is your castle, but what protection have you got should something go wrong?

Home is the place you should feel safest, but accident, a home emergency or theft could all leave you feeling vulnerable under your own roof - and events like these usually occur when you least expect them. Are you able to pay out potentially big sums of money should something go wrong?

We all want the best for our family, so it's important you get cover but at what cost?

At bis-nationwide.co.uk, we will find the right insurance options for you, at the lowest price possible, to protect all that you care about.

What home insurance do I need?

As a homeowner or landlord in the UK, it is highly advised (by most mortgage providers and especially if you rent out property) that you protect yourself with buildings insurance, which can help cover you against risks including natural disasters, accidents, can help to cover legal costs and more.

As well as buildings insurance, you may wish to protect your contents too with contents insurance for the home. From carpets and curtains, to your gadgets and personal possessions - we can help you to look after the things you care about most.

We can even help you protect your possessions away from the home too against accident, loss or theft - from bicycles to mobile phones - so you feel confident on the go.

Protect your home at minimum cost

You don't have to spend a fortune to protect your home. Whether you're looking for buildings insurance, contents insurance or a combination of the two, at bis-nationwide.co.uk we will do the hard work for you to find the best insurance policies which will not only protect what you own, but give you peace of mind and money in your pocket, too.

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