Private members club

The status of a private members’ club is that public access is restricted; you have to be a member, or signed in by a member to gain entry the premises.

This type of establishment could be anything from an exclusive city based members’ club for an elite clientele, to sporting clubs, local social clubs and working men’s clubs. Although Private members’ clubs share in common the fact that they serve food and alcohol and offer entertainment to their members and guests, the licensing Act 2003 recognises a difference between clubs run for social purposes and those run on a commercial basis for profit.

At Pub Insurance 4u we have extensive knowledge of the type of insurance scheme which is best suited to the different types of Private members’ clubs. Whether you are a club proprietor with the task of insuring your business, or a committee seeking the best insurance deal for your social club, Pub Insurance 4u will work closely with you to create the ideal insurance package.

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